Prisoners of the Moment

What is the best and worst movie you’ve seen? Most likely you thought of two separate movies. I didn’t. I thought of the movie Prisoners. Confused? Let me explain. This post contains spoilers, but the movie is so bad that I am doing you a favor.

Cobra Effect: Part 2

Last week I ended my post by encouraging us to quit debating policy and instead love those around us – this is how we will create racial unity. But recall that we are to love as Jesus loved us, which is different than how our culture tells us to love. This love is costly, it …

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Cobra Effect: Part 1

This post was written in the summer in response to the racial tension. In Britain controlled India, the city of Delhi had a cobra problem. As a solution, the government created a bounty on cobra heads. Entrepreneurs started breeding cobras to collect an easy bounty causing the government to end the bounty. Without the bounty, …

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Welcome to Broken Chains! I am very excited about launching this blog. I will be posting weekly, and if you want to support me, I ask you to subscribe using the registration form at the bottom of the page and to share with your friends. For my first post, I want to give a brief …

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