Preaching to Myself: God Is Worthy of Trust Even In My Frustration

I get asked why I write this blog, and I give these three reasons:

  1. Writing helps me think through ideas so I can better communicate them verbally.
  2. I enjoy writing and want to get better at it, and having a weekly deadline forces me to write more.
  3. This blog is another outlet for me to share the good news that Jesus is Lord, that Jesus is good, and that Jesus is worthy of our worship.

These are the main reasons, but today, I am writing for a more selfish reason – I need help believing what I know is true. Jesus rose from the dead, and that changes everything, but I don’t always believe it. That is, I believe this to be true in my head, but sometimes I don’t feel and act in this truth.


The Disciples Didn’t Get It

Aziz Ansari is hilarious. My favorite joke of his is about an interaction Aziz saw of rapper 50 Cent ordering a grapefruit soda thinking it was a grape soda (note that the end of the video clip is NSFW.) Here is my favorite excerpt:

And the exchange was just glorious – the waiter struggling to explain the concept of a grapefruit to a man who just didn’t get it.

Waiter: No you don’t understand they are two different things. Grape, grapefruit. Grape, grapefruit.

50 Cent: I know grapes are fruits, why do you keep saying it like that?

Waiter: No it’s just one word, grapefruit. You know, it’s one, it’s a different…

50 Cent: I get it. Grape-fruit, apple-fruit, orange-fruit, carrot-vegetable.

Waiter: No that’s not it at all.

Gambling Sports

The Beauty of Sports Gambling

“Just as I was getting ready to eat something great, it was taken away. Thrown directly in the toilet, because it’s an easier route to the end goal.”

This is a real Yelp review for a restaurant. Well, it’s real in that it was posted on Yelp, but it’s not real in that it was certainly posted by a troll. This review was posted in July 2016 for Kevin Durant’s restaurant in Oklahoma City. Those who follow the NBA understand and are laughing at the review. Let me explain.